Founded in 2022 by a small team of Londoners passionate about literature blending with art and craft, Cybirdy Publishing creates and distributes special editions of fiction books, short stories, poetry together with musical & visual arts.

We only publish books we love. We are passionate about good books and are working very hard with new authors and people with artistic creativity.

Away from the mediatic brouhaha, we are publishing thought provoking fiction, translations of classics, musical and visual arts that link past and present knowledge with works that look towards the future to confront the gloomy hyperrationality that looks only one way towards an elusive, singular reality, we help to escape.

While working to tell beautiful stories and poetry, we connect the local and the universal. Our books are printed in Southampton in the UK with paper that has been carbon offset through the World Land Trust Scheme to be distributed worldwide, through Amazon and

We love to connect on social media and participate in pop-up events and will keep you updated on any future events page.